AA Meetings

The purpose of all A.A. meetings is to “share our experience, strength, and hope with each other that we may solve our common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.”

AA meetings may be “closed” or “open.”

Closed meetings are for those who have a drinking problem and have a desire to stop drinking. A.A. members and anyone new to AA who wants to stop drinking are welcome to attend.

Open meetings are open to all interested in A.A.’s program of recovery from alcoholism. Both Alcoholics and Non-alcoholics are welcome to attend.

A.A. group meetings are conducted by A.A. members. Participants are expected to confine their discussion to matters pertaining to the recovery from alcoholism. At open meetings, non-A.A.s may be invited to share, depending upon the conscience of the group.

Source: THE A.A. GROUP, page 16, with permission of A.A.World Services, Inc.

English Speaking Meetings

ATTENTION: Click on respective links below for details on individual meetings.

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12.30 – Lugano – Happy, Joyous, and Free https://aazurich.org/meetings/happy-joyous-and-free-group/

19.00 – Basel – English Speaking Group https://alcoholics-anonymous.eu/meetings/english-speaking-group/

19.00 – Zürich – Women’s Meeting, In All Our Affairs  https://aazurich.org/meetings/womens-in-all-our-affairs-group/

19.00 – Zurich – 12&12 Meeting https://aazurich.org/meetings/12-12-meeting/

19.30 – Luzern – Geta Life https://alcoholics-anonymous.eu/meetings/luzern-geta-life/

19.30 – Zurich – The Fellowship You Crave – Young People’s Hybrid Meeting  https://aazurich.org/meetings/the-fellowship-you-crave-young-people-group/


12.00 – Zurich – Tuesday Noon Group https://aazurich.org/meetings/tuesday-noon-group/

19.00 – Zurich – 11th Step Meeting https://aazurich.org/meetings/11th-step-meeting/

19.30 – Bern – There is a Solution https://aazurich.org/meetings/there-is-a-solution/


17.45 – Zurich – Beginners Meeting https://aazurich.org/meetings/beginners-meeting/

19.00 – Zurich – Big Book Study Group https://aazurich.org/meetings/big-book-study-group/

19.00 – Basel – English Speaking Group https://alcoholics-anonymous.eu/meetings/english-speaking-group-2/


12.00 – Zurich – Zurich’s Solutions Group https://aazurich.org/meetings/zurichs-solutions-group/

12.30 – Lugano – Happy, Joyous, and Free https://aazurich.org/meetings/thursday-noon-group/

19.30 – Zurich – The Fellowship You Crave – Young People’s Hybrid Meeting  https://aazurich.org/meetings/the-fellowship-you-crave-young-peoples-meeting/

20.00 – Konstanz – Konstanz Sobriety Group https://alcoholics-anonymous.eu/meetings/konstanz-sobriety-group/


12.00 – Zurich – The Emotional Sobriety Group https://aazurich.org/meetings/the-emotional-sobriety-group/

19.00 – Basel – Pass it On https://alcoholics-anonymous.eu/meetings/discussion-meeting-4/

19.00 – Zurich – Rainbow Room – LGBTQ+ and Friends  https://aazurich.org/meetings/rainbow-room/


09.00 – Zurich – Saturday Morning AA Topic Meeting  https://aazurich.org/meetings/saturday-morning-aa-topic-meeting/

10.00 – Luzern – Lake Lucerne Group https://alcoholics-anonymous.eu/meetings/lake-lucerne-group/

19.00 – Zurich – Came to Believe Group https://aazurich.org/meetings/came-to-believe-group/


18.30 – Zug – Rebellion Dogs https://aazurich.org/meetings/zug-english-aa-group/

18.30 – Zurich – Big Book / As Bill Sees It https://aazurich.org/meetings/big-book-as-bill-see-it-group/

19.00 – Basel – English Speaking Group https://alcoholics-anonymous.eu/meetings/english-speaking-group-3/

20.00 – Zurich – Sunday Night Couch Surfers https://aazurich.org/meetings/sunday-night-couch-surfers/