For Members of the Clergy

Alcoholics Anonymous is not a religious society. However, A.A. is deeply indebted to members of the clergy of many faiths who have befriended the Fellowship since its founding in 1935.

The heart of that friendship has been understanding and tolerance—understanding of A.A.’s capacities and limitations as a fellowship, tolerance of the failings of a fellowship of men and women whose spi r i t ual hopes may be higher than their human abilities.

It would be unrealistic to assume that all A.A. members are spiritually inspired. Many, too, are not committed to a formal body of religious doctrine. But innumerable A.A. members—including those of no orthodoxy—say that they have experienced the transforming power of sharing, caring, trust and love.

As it has been said in the past, A.A. hopes that in the future it can continue to be the helpful ally of all members of the clergy, sharing a concern for the recovery of the alcoholic.

The Purpose of This Pamphlet

Many members of the clergy are familiar with A.A. as a nonsectarian, nondenominational ally in their efforts to help alcoholics to stop drinking and lead healthy, productive lives. They know religious leaders of major faiths have expressed support for the A.A. program; and they are aware that among their own ranks there are those who have found in A.A. the answers to their personal drinking problems.

The purpose of this pamphlet, which reproduces questions about A.A. that are frequently asked by members of the clergy, is threefold:
First, A.A. acknowledges its debt to the many members of the clergy who have been, and who continue t o be, so helpful to alcoholics everywhere.

Second, it is hoped that the material on the following pages will provide a useful introduction to A.A. for those who have not yet had occasion to become familiar with the Fellowship.

Finally, in addressing the questions most asked by members of the clergy, this pamphlet synthesizes the personal experience, strength and hope of A.A.s everywhere.

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