Other English Meetings in Switzerland

There are other English AA meetings in Switzerland which are not part of AA Zürich Intergroup. Below links are provided for information only:

AA Intergoup Geneva – covering French speaking region


AA Basel


AA Gstaad


AA St. Moritz

St. Moritz Recovery Group

This is a live, in-person gathering held spontaneously in the village of St. Moritz during the evenings. The meeting is convened whenever two or more members express their interest in meeting in St. Moritz over the weekend, typically on Saturday or Sunday nights during the winter season. Members connect through a WhatsApp chat group, where they collectively decide on the meeting place and location at around 6 pm.

To become part of the group, reach out to Maxi +41 79 283 82 24 or Eric +41 78 663 10 95 by giving them a call.

Meetings information for other cities (Luzern, Kontanz, etc) can be found in AA CER website