Open Inter-group Service Positions

Being of service and carrying the AA message is essential to one’s recovery and staying sober. Inter-group provides opportunities to be of service complimentary to individual and group service. Take advantage of service positions when they become available to further your recovery and help to build and grow our sober community.

There are always Inter-group service positions open.  Typically 2 years of continuous sobriety is required to qualify for an Inter-group service position, although in the case of GSR’s, that requirement is decided by the respective Group, or by the Inter-group, if the service position falls under Intergroup services.

To learn more about these service positions, attend a Zurich Inter-group meeting on the last Wednesday of each month at the Heilsarmee (Salvation Army), Molkenstr.6, Helvetia Platz, 8004 Zürich, speak to your sponsor, your group’s GSR or send e-mail to